The Jury System Essay example

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Over the years, the role and the responsibility of the jury have been through numerous transformations, hence these improvements made the presence of jury trials a highly controversial topic, leading to the question ‘Are juries needed in the English legal system?’. This essay aims to argue this question from different perspectives. It will first describe the evolution of the jury system and their current role in UK justice. Then, it will go through to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of having such a system using relevant cases. Lastly, it will mention the alternatives for the jury system and conclude by providing an answer to the question mentioned above.
Juries who are now regarded as one of the most fundamental part of the English Legal System have started their journey before the Norman Conquest of 1066 and now has been with us for over nine centuries. Henry II built up the modern jury system in the 12th century and afterwards Magna Carta set up the right of a free man to a trial by his peers. However, trial by jury guaranteed its place in the English Legal System in 1956 when Lord Devlin said that jury is ‘the lamp which shows that freedom lives’. With the Jury Act 1974, the current duty of the jury was reached and this was later amended by the Criminal Justice Act 2003. Now, the jury is defined as a group of people responsible for reaching a verdict in a legal case in the light of evidence presented to them.
There are several advantages of having jury…

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