The Juror In 12 Angry Men By Reginald Rose

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In the play, 12 Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, the characters of this story appear to be nothing more than average people picked to stand and listen to a case of a boy accused of homicide. As the characters are supposed to leave personal issues at the door of the case, some appear to use them against the boy. Using these imperfect jurors, people can see how that when insecurities, flaws, and the law form together, the justice system can be found. The justice system is neither perfect nor is it imperfect. To sum it up, is people are put to the test of humanity to decide what must become of the case. The jurors in 12 Angry Men make this case rather complicated, but it all soon unravels into the truth, and a fate is decided between the jurors. Since the characters of the story …show more content…
This man is practically the whole reason why everyone questions their decisions of the boy. He saw no reason as to why they shouldn’t sit in and talk a little about the case before shipping someone off to their death. Referring to figure 1, notice that Juror 8 is a speech bubble. He takes on this role due to the fact he was the only one not afraid to stand out and make an opinion upon the other eleven jurors. “There were eleven votes for guilty. It's not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.” (12 Angry Men). On the outside, he is a golden yellow because he gave a sense of hope for the kid that he was innocent through the middle of it all. Jurors that simply went off of their gut were repulsive to him. He didn’t understand as to why they didn’t want to make a change in the case. For example, juror seven. He went off his ‘gut’, impatient this man was (same as all), Juror eight took note of that as he (Juror 7) changed his vote without reasoning. On the inside the color is a soft blue and in the middle it fades to white. That represented Juror eight as to mean he is calm in some situations. For

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