Essay Comparing The Jungle And The Invisible Man

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Keeping secrets and hiding the truth from the world is something that has stood the test of time dating back to before Christ. Presenting a false version of something is commonplace. Many people choose to stretch the truth for their benefit them in the long run, however the truth always catches up to them. The novels, “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair and “The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison are both narrative examples of stretching the truth, which only makes everything in each novel much much worse. The Jungle summarizes the biggest food issue in United States History, while The Invisible Man depicts the life story of a man who hides from the world and claims to be invisible due to his refusal for others to see who really is. Each novel is a fantastic read that leaves the reader extremely interested the entire way through, but does usefulness of the novel in historical research make …show more content…
They explain their true tone and message of the novel extremely well. I would consider these novels to be useful tools for learning history, but there is a silver lining to that statement. I would consider these novels to be an extra resource, but not a main way to learn about the USDA Food Crisis or the troubles of Harlem. Novels are never one hundred percent accurate, they can be very close, but they are never exactly how it actually happened. These novels can be considered “real world examples” of some of things that actually happened. For example, the family in The Jungle may have actually existed, but the chances that their names are the same as the actual thing. Also, these novels are meant to be enjoyable reads that pack a historical punch. The essence of reading these novels is simply to understand the time period but more so enjoy a complex read. The Jungle and The Invisible Man’s purpose as novels is to bring enjoyment to the reader whilst also providing a vast knowledge of the time period in which these book took

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