The Jung Typology Test And How It Affects My Role As A Manager, Leader, Or Friend

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The Jung typology test is used to aid an individual in determining his or her four letter personality type. By taking this test an individual can gain insight into his or her behaviors, reactions, and style of communicating may affect the workplace. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my results of the Jung typology test, which is introvert, intuitive, thinking, and judging (INTJ), and how my type will affect my role as a manager, leader, or co-worker. Learning how our personality types interact with other personality types can lead to a more successful workplace. This paper will consist of sections discussing each letter within my personality type, and how it affects my role as a manger, leader, or coworker and what I have learned from the Jung typology test and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator concerning organizational behavior. Personality typing gives insight into improving our relationships, both personal and business, which allows us to live a more balanced and fulfilled life Keywords: personality type, Jung, Myer-Briggs

Being an INTJ We are all born with a unique personality, which determines how we think, how we perceive others, our beliefs and values, how we communicate with other people, our behaviors and every interaction we have during our lifetime. To answer the question of why we behave a certain way or think a certain way it is important to determine what type of personality we are. Personality typing gives insight into improving our…

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