The Judicial System Of Colombia Essay

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when being compared to the male police officers. What could also help with corruption is the second institutions that needs to be reformed and it is the judicial system
Judicial System Reform. When looking into the judicial system of Colombia one can see that it is underfunded especially when compared to the military. In Plan Colombia that the Clinton administration gave to the Republic of Colombia it was supposed to put some of the money towards the Judicial System and it did but not enough. There are many different types of courts in Colombia and there are some international agencies in there as well. What should be done is the Republic of Colombia needs to redirect some of the money it received from the United States into the courts. This finical boost would just give the court the ability to hear more cases about the cartels and paramilitary groups. The second thing that should be done is that Colombia should be able to have jurisdictions over its own human rights cases. This is one of the problems that the state has is that the jurisdiction of the courts are confusing because of the International Courts and their jurisdiction over the human rights cases. If Colombia takes over the human rights cases it can better lead the country to a post conflict society. They also would have a more direct line to the drug cartels than the International Courts because they are in the same location, though this solution does have its fair share of problems as well.
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