Superman And Me Analysis

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Growing up being an African American, my parents would always stress how important reading and writing is. My father would always say, "If you are able to read and write, nothing in the world can stop you." I learned to read and write at the age of three years old. The first thing I ever learned to read and write was my name: Tia Nicole Watkins. My parents would tell my name makes me who I am and holds very high significance. In the past, it was illegal for African Americans to even know how to read or write. Those were two things that were highly discouraged and could possibly be the cause of your death. My great grandmother learned to fully read and write at the age of 32. After speaking with her, she explained to me how important reading and writing is to be able to function in society. Her statement was similar to what Malcom X mentioned in his passage "Learning to Read". Malcom X describes …show more content…
I feel that reading and writing is very important to my culture because at one point in time, people of my skin color weren 't even allowed to do so. In the reading, "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me", Alexie claims that he "read with equal parts joy and desperation." He also stated that reading books could save his life. I feel that reading is fundamental and if you 're able to read, you can achieve anything and the ultimate access to any and everything. He says he " read with desperation" meaning he had a drive and passion to read. He loved to gain knowledge and understand things that he never understood before. He felt that reading books could save his life because he unlocked a whole new world by being able to connect with the rest of society by reading. I feel that I can relate to him when making that statement. My family taught me to read with desperation and have a passion for it. I developed a passion for reading and writing because of what I was taught by my

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