Essay on The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan

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Everybody goes through major conflicts. It’s a part of life. It could be as small as what clothes you should wear today, or it could be as big as what college you should go to. Conflicts can arise from anything. In The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, many of the characters go through internal and external conflicts that greatly affect their life. Eventually, they resolve that conflict. For example, the relationship between Lindo Jong and Waverly Jong has some conflicts that go along with it. They suffer from cultural differences, like how Waverly is Americanized and doesn’t want to pitch in to Chinese cultures. They suffer from pride and confidence. Like how Lindo shows off how great Waverly is at chess. They also suffer from “invisible strength.” They both tend to hide their thoughts and keep them a secret from the outside world. First, Lindo Jong and Waverly Jong suffer from cultural differences. When Waverly was born, Lindo wanted her to have an American name. So she named her Waverly. “We lived on Waverly Place” (90). From this quote you can conclude that she was named after the town she lived in. All Lindo wanted from the start was for her daughter to live a nice American life. But, when Waverly started forgetting about her Chinese traditions, Lindo knew that her expectations were not exceeding. “Even if you put on their clothes, even if you take off your makeup and hide your famous jewelry, they know” (253). This quote shows how Lindo Jong believes that her daughter…

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