The Journey Of The Time Machine Essay

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Organization has always been a tremendous asset for the human race, pivotal to our very survival and ability to learn. This is entirely dependent upon the ability to sort, categorize, and separate the world around us into easy to find like object groups. When civilizations began to form, society was no exception, people have always been divided into groups based on common similarities such as race, gender, income or profession. The division was particularly strong in Victorian England near the turn of the century, a period of great change with new inventions and industrialization. Due to these mechanical marvels, an old issue of hierarchal oppression, began to affect a new era, amongst the working class. An issue that H.G. Wells determined to have potentially catastrophic ramifications for future generations, throughout his classic novel The Time Machine. In the literary journey of The Time Machine, H.G. Wells depicts that in the future there is an evolutionary “split” amongst the human species. The novel describes two races in the year 802,701, the Eloi and the Morlocks. The Eloi are small childlike creatures that eat only fruit, and live in a blissful state of mind and natural setting, where all of their needs are met, and the only thing they fear is the dark (Wells, 18). While the Morlocks are a carnivorous group of blind, ape like creatures that, thanks to machinery, live below ground in massive tunnels (Wells, 37). The Time Traveler in the story has several theories…

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