The Journey Of The Souls Essay

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Michael liked to believe he knew the stories of all the souls he encountered. He would never take one in without out carefully examining their whole lives in great detail.
Their life and experiences were like a long string of essays laid bare before his eyes. He could literally reach out and touch the words and feel their emotional content like he himself had written it. It as his gift, a skill he had master over the billions of years. The cycle of the soul path flourish for better or worse in a chain of lifetimes. The souls learning path would stretch through multiple beings until piercing that ultimate threshold of personal illumination. He himself had gone through that cycle as a mortal and he too had come to a realization.
Michael had caught Lee at that pivotal moment, just at the threshold of enlightenment. She was ripe now for so many reasons, to so many people.
However, she would serve only his propose and she would serve it well.
No mortal could actually resist revealing themselves to his curious eyes and most did not want to. Everyone, eventually wanted to be cleanse of their lives, their “sins” and it was his duty to do so.
Lee crawled her mass of shredded, bloody flesh away from his healing aura, he was in awe. Resistance in any shape or form was rare but resistance in Lee should have been impossible. Michael had slither into her very mind to break her and to have her accept him now. He knew that it might have not been possible otherwise. Not with this…

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