Essay The Journey Of The Pilgrimage

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The Pilgrimage

Have you ever been on a road trip? If so, you probably have traveled with some interesting people. Those people might have been your friends, family, or maybe even a complete stranger! Regardless of who you traveled with or where you were traveling to, there is usually someone or some people that are a ton more fun to travel with. Or those people are just people you want with you because they make you more comfortable or help you out better than anyone else ever could. Going on a long journey can be tough, but with Rachael Ray, Lebron James, and Tom Brady, my pilgrimage would be ideal. Rachael Ray is a phenomenal cook, therefore she would be the first person I picked to take on my pilgrimage. I mean if you just take a minute and think about how important food is when you are going on a long journey. It is by far thee single most important thing that you would need. I feel like Rachael would be we wearing an apron most of the time. She would just always be ready to cook at the drop of a hat. The food that she would make for the group would be five star to say the least. This woman has her own cooking show! She obviously is doing something right. Anything she made for me I would eat it without question, even if I didn’t know what it was. She could cook up some sea urchin stew and I wouldn’t even question if I was going to eat it or not. If she was the one making the food I will definitely not be complaining. I think that Rachael Ray is an absolute must when…

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