The Journey Of The Magi Essay

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The poetic masterpiece, “The Journey of the Magi,” by T.S. Elliot depicts the original Christmas story. Written at the time T.S. Elliot became a devout Christian, it is apparent throughout the context of the poem that Elliot has a firm grasp of the spiritualism as well as the humanity associated with accepting salvation. The poem is a classic written through the eyes of both a convert and a narrative that longs to see the face of the Christ child. In “The Journey of the Magi,” T.S. Elliot fully accepts and embraces the aspects of life and death that go hand-in-hand with true salvation bundled within three captivating stanzas.
Stanza One
The poem begins in an odd-ball writing style. It immediately catches the reader’s attention by writing in a seemingly out of context introduction. Elliot utilizes anachronism to narrate from the present as well as the past. While the subject is discussion of the harshness of the winter, further insight reveals that Elliot was referencing a famous Christmas sermon given by Lancelot Andrewes. The approach gives the reader a feeling of both being present at the journey to the birth of Christ as also the wisdom of what receiving the Savior would mean. Loss of hope to the Christian has an entirely different meaning than those of mainstream culture. Elliot embraces the power of the Holy spirit among the Magi and his acceptance of wisdom. With an innocent perserverence the travelers followed the voices leading them to the Christ…

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