Essay on The Journey Of The Magi By T. S. Elliot

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The struggle is real, in the” Journey of the Magi,” by T. S. Elliot, written in 1927. Elliot expresses the long journey through the dessert. He conveys how the journey of mankind in the natural is similar to that of a man who decides to leave his sinful lusts, lays down his life and picks up his cross to follow Jesus Christ. Although, the death of the old man is a struggle, laborious, and painful, it opens to a birth of a new creation, it is that death to the flesh which brings new life, an abundant life, transformation is that of both suffering and restoration.
The title of this poem revels that there will be a journey of the three wise men who are going to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Throughout the poem, Elliot suggest that man is in a continuous conflict with either himself, with God, or with his surroundings. The speaker in this poem is one of the wise men remembering the voyage in which they took in time past.
As these three Kings, set out to seek something new they became travelers, pilgrims into the unknown as aliens in a distant land. In the first stanza he recalls the difficulties that the three men experience and their encounters during their journey are that of discomfort and pain. He begins with the weather conditions that they encounter. Stating it was the dead of winter, the worst time of the year for a journey, and that it was even hard on the camels, whom were “galled, sore-footed and refractory” as they were, “lying in the melting…

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