Essay about The Journey Of The Emergency Room

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For a start, I have been a caregiver along with my wife for almost twelve years now. The journey began when my wife became pregnant back in the spring of 2003. After having a premature delivery, at 28 weeks, my two little angels were born – Identical twins, each weighing a miraculous pound and a half. According to the physician, the umbilical cord of one of the twins was wrapped twice around the neck, causing the other twin to become asphyxiated and lose oxygen to both her brain and respiratory system. Parallel to this, my wife was having continuous contraction pains/Braxton hicks making the pain unbearable. Now looking back in retrospect, I vividly remember spending endless hours in the emergency room coupled with all the other wellness check-ups due to her high risk pregnancy. With that in mind, my identical twins were born via emergency C-Section birth, also widely known as a cesarean. At the time, immediately, right after the welcoming of Tiffany and Teresa, our level of hope had plummeted and shattered, due to the undeveloped organs our twins had not acquired; for instance, their lungs could not function as other babies when delivered at full-term, they were translucent aesthetically, and had not developed finger nails/hair or the mechanisms needed to survive on their own. Promptly, the twins were transported to an incubator where they would be further assessed. After a thorough examination, the twins were wrapped from head to toe in what appeared to be a clear…

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