The Journey Of Sugar Cane Essay

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For as long as there has been life there has been a constant pursuit to sustain that life. The basis necessities of life air, food and water. However for humans there has been a constant pursuit of one other thing. Whether it was something that was realized or not no one knows. As a race man has always been on a quest to satisfy his natural sweet tooth. A craving that was only satisfied at first by the hunting and scavenging of sweet berries and fruits. It would be this need to satisfied man’s sweet tooth that would lead to the cultivation and domestication of bees for there honey. For centuries this was mans only source of sugar aside from fruits and berries. Things however would change when the people of New Guinea would discover sugar cane though it is difficult to say when. They were the first to discover the remarkable sweetening power of this amazing reed. Like everything else good in the world it doesn’t stay in one place for long. Sugar cane made its way from island to island until it would finally make its was to the Asian mainland around 1000BC. It is there that sugar production as we know it today took root. The indian people were the first to refine sugar by pressing the juices from the cane and boiling it down to what we know today as raw sugar. The indian people kept it hidden from the rest of the world until some time in 500 BC when a Persian emperor by the name of Darius came in a quest to conquer the land and discovered the sweet reed. He called it “the…

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