The Journey Of Sick Bay Essay examples

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After the events in sick bay, the crew was happy to settle down and continue the trek home; they were several hours away. Marybeth had Elle check the rest of the systems to make sure nothing else was going to happen, thankfully, everything was good. Marybeth returned to the bridge and relieved Terry and told him to go back to bed and that hopefully they would be home by the time he woke up. Terry smiled and told her that would be great, he felt like he could sleep for days. He headed out of the bridge and to his quarters, he laid down and was asleep before he knew it. The hours passed quickly, most of the crew was asleep, Marybeth had given everyone the time off, she knew as soon as they were back at Area Eagle there would be lots of questions and interviews. “Colonel, we’re ready to exit FTL warp.” Elle reported. “Thank you Elle, make it happen please.” Exiting FTL was transparent, there was no deceleration that you felt, it was one moment you were going five times the speed of light to well…not, “Colonel I’ve engaged the engines, we’re an hour out from Earth. At that time Marybeth was thinking that she needed to contact mission control and the Director it had been a while since they had any made any reports back to them. All of a sudden the communications system kicked alive with several latent messages from the Director and mission control all of them asking for a status of some sort. She knew that if she contacted the Director first there would be a lot…

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