Son Of Jonah: Summary

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In year ca. 1160 Rabbi Benjamin, son of Jonah, started off on his journey from his native city of Saragossa, Spain and then travelled through many cities in what is now known as Asia, Europe and Africa. This travelogue was first written in Hebrew by Benjamin but was then much later translated and complied by Marcus Nathan Adler. Benjamin documented his travels through explanation of the people, geographical nature, culture and the existence of the Jewish populations. He was connected to his religion more than many and throughout his travels he took particular attention to each Jewish community he encountered. He observed their customs in relation to his own, the size of the communities and the leaders who where in charge. This was very fascinating for the time period. Most Jewish people were able to travel in Christian and Muslim lands however many stayed put. For Benjamin to travel through so many was something that would have seemed remarkable. He had to know the languages of many other worlds and from …show more content…
Although there is a particular focus that drives his travels, which is the curiosity in Jewish communities in places other than his home city. It allows him and readers to focus into his point that is not said but is assumed, that he himself believes that the Jewish are better off living under an Islamic rule rather than under say an Eastern Orthodox Christian city much like Constantinople. To him the better life would be in the kinder and more considerate Muslim city of Baghdad where the Jewish are under the hands of the Caliph and are treated fairly. After all he believes that the Jewish are “rich and good, kindly and charitable, and bear their lot with cheerfulness.” (Benjamin, of Tudela, p. 11) and should live under peace and unprejudiced

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