Essay on The Journey Of My Life

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The journey started February 3, 2014. I was getting on the school bus like any regular day when I received a text from my mom like usual. I expected a casual ‘how was school?’ or ‘Love you, hope you had a great day.’ But it was far from that. My little sister Kennedy had not been feeling well, a little under the weather. This was typical from our family since it seems someone always gets sick in the winter. You could tell she was weak, losing weight, and becoming increasingly thirsty, but no one expected what was to come. I looked down at my phone to read, “Kennedy has diabetes.” Once I read that text my heart dropped, I thought I was going to lose my baby sister. I cannot describe the amount of emotions I was feeling. I was feeling like I could have done something to prevent this (not having any previous knowledge of what Diabetes was). What do I respond to that? Is she okay? Is she going to live? What caused this? All valid questions that wouldn’t be answered until I got off my two hour bus ride.
Who would think my little sister would get diabetes? She was an active little girl playing soccer, dancing, and doing gymnastics. Why would this happen to her? Once I got off the bus my dad greeted me and my other sister and told us to get in the car. He informed us that Kennedy didn’t have the Flu, but instead she had Type of Diabetes. He explained that right now she was okay but it is a disease she will have for the rest of her life.
We arrived to the hospital, the sky setting…

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