The Journey Of Life Events Essay

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Have you ever questioned why you’re the way you are? Have you ever wondered what makes each person unique from another? Every person is different; therefore, there is an abundance of different perspectives on life, itself. After 18 years, I have found these answers through certain life experiences. Through several different stages of my life, I’ve found answers that I would have never been able to predict. Furthermore, the treacherous journey of life events, I finally have an understanding on life, and what I expect in the future.
My childhood brought myself some of my first memories, even though I don’t recall too many specific details, as my memory of such specific events has decayed. (p. 204) However, I did start to realize who I was and what separated the others from myself. I moved to DeWitt when I was 5, and quickly got enrolled in the DeWitt education system. Shy, timid, and quiet all described who I was for the span of my young days. Sports have always defined a large portion of who I am, resulting from my childhood passion of athletics. After watching my father frequently watch televised sports, and push me to join him, I quickly found a natural interest in sports. Years of developing a love for football playing in my backyard quickly escalated to my first real sports opportunity to showcase my talent, third grade tackle football. Due to this sparking my love for athletics, I have accumulated several small memories such as my first touchdown, or even…

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