The Journey Of John Adams By David Mccullough

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Register to read the introduction… This story about John Adams ranges from the Boston Massacre to the Philadelphia in 1776, from Spain to Amsterdam, from the Court of St. James, where Adams was the first American to stand before King George III as a representative of the new nation. With his ten-year old son, Adams journeyed to France to assume his appointment as commissioner to the court of King Louis XVI. McCullough brilliantly describes Adams voyage to France across the Atlantic on the “ Boston” in the midst of winter, 1778. Vital to the story, as it was to history, is the relationship between Adams and Jefferson, born opposites- Adams a Massachusetts farmer’s son, and Jefferson a Virginia aristocrat and slave master. This is also a story about a man who rose to become the second President of the United States, saved the country from unnecessary war, and whose marriage to Abigail Adams is one of the most moving love stories in American history.
David McCullough’s John Adams is about his career, life and relationships. It is a riveting portrait about a man of his time. This book provides extraordinary access to the private lives of John and Abigail Adams, and makes it possible to know John Adams as no other major American of his founding era.
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This writing, in my opinion, would interest readers of all ages and types of readers, from beginners to well-read readers. This book was about more than history; it was a true love story between Abigail and John Adams. It was about friendships made and lost. McCullough succeeded in writing a novel, historical biography, and love story all in one book. This was a well-written book that was easy to read, full of fascinating facts about the lives of not only Adams, but also about Jefferson and many other important historical

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