Essay on The Journey Of A Loyalist

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The Journey of a Loyalist Widow during the American Revolution
My original name is Arabella Edward, but since we moved to the Colonies everyone refers to me a “Bella”. I was born and raised in Great Britain, under the Crown, and remain loyal to them to this day. I’m 22 years old. Turned out my husband was an agent for the British crown, whose name was Thomas Edward, age 26, and insisted we move to North America in hopes for “A better, brighter future.” We began in Boston. We moved here in early 1773. We owned a small farm, and Thomas did odd work in the beginning. It wasn’t until later that he told me his job. We had only one child in the beginning, Bertha Edward, who turned 5 years old, when we arrived to the colonies. It was difficult trusting anyone here, because no one knew whose loyalties lied where. It began as social outcast, but as the war began, one little peep, could mean the end.
A few days before Thomas was due home from God knows what, news spread like wildfire that the shipment of tea from England had been thrown overboard by the Mohawk Native Americans. You didn’t even have to open the door to our house to smell the aroma of the tea. Thousands of pounds of tea in the harbor! Such a waste. Unfortunately, I could not express my opinions of this because if Bertha heard she’d go off and repeat it. If we didn’t pretend to agree, even in the slightest we’d be social outcasts. Everyone began referring to it as the Boston Tea Party. One day, on our afternoon walks,…

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