The Journey Is Just Beginning Essay

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The Journey is Just Beginning
Every November My dad and I make a journey up to Nebraska for our annual deer hunting trip. Every year the same memories are pulled out and a remembrance of the year before comes rushing out.
The trip always starts in the morning. When the sun isn 't even up and the sound of fog and the earth sleeping come to ear. The cold engine on the car starting up and smoke storming out of the exhaust, and the feeling of a hot coffee in your hands to start the day. My dad looks at me eagerly and asks” you ready”? I respond with “Of course” We hop in the now warm car and begin our drive into the hills. We get to our destination and slowly hop out of the car trying not to make a sound, grab our rifles and begin to walk. Walking trying now to make a noise, the sound of boots hitting the hard cold dirt, and the sound of my big orange jacket rubbing against the rifle wrapped around my neck never gets old. The remembering from when I was a little boy doing the same thing I am doing now excites me. The view is beautiful with trees being everywhere still as the hilltop they come from. The sun begins to rise and it looks as if everything is brand new. With frost glittering off the light and the streams flowing with life. And my favorite sound the turkeys beginning to gobble and make their presence known. Our journey is just beginning. After walking for quite some time and the sun being within eye level we come up to our first spot. An old barn was our first stop as…

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