The Journey In Ti Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

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Register to read the introduction… From there, everything turns out to be weird and without any sense. Her adventures are patched together with strange dream logic and fantastic vivid wordplay. She returns to the real world and finds herself in another adventure behind the mirror in a sequel called “Through the Looking Glass.” After she finishes her journeys she feels like she has grown up a bit through her strange adventures. Apart from Carroll’s strange way of balancing the darkness against mad, whimsical humor, this story brings us a girl who tries to explain and fit into a world which seems very complicated to her. She always feels too big or too small and never the right size which produces frustration.
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The story takes Alice into adulthood. She's now 19. A wealthy man is proposing marriage to her. She finds herself racing after a white rabbit she has been seeing in her dreams and falls in the rabbit hole like in the original story. But her adventures in Wonderland seem to frustrate her in another way, she doesn’t remember being there (even though she was when she was little and everyone there seem to remember her) and all her journey is actually towards herself. The film is an action/adventure which doesn’t seem to take the action climax at the top. It's all pretty standard Hollywood stuff framed in a very traditional Hollywood script. The actors and the setting is very vivid and nicely made up but it lacks the subliminal darkness of Carroll’s

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