Essay about The Journey At Sea Dirty And Unkempt

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Ellis Island was one of the main points of entry into the United States and immigrants arrived here from their long journey at sea dirty and unkempt. Today they fly in on planes arriving at our international airports. The trip is much shorter and they are groomed and dress with the latest fashions (Foner, N. 2000). Back in the 1900’s immigrants came mostly from Europe. They came to the United States to escape from crop failure in their homeland. There were also land and job shortages along with rising taxes. Other issues that caused the immigrants to leave their native country include: famine, freedom to worship what they wanted and freedom from oppression (Foner, N. 2000). Immigrants wanted to better their lives for themselves and their families. The United States was perceived as the land of economic opportunity and the immigrants thought that the wages for work were higher here. Many immigrants established their homes near ports. To entice the immigrants to settle inland many states offered jobs and free land for farming to get them to settle in these areas to increase the population. Pre-established areas are what the immigrants would look for because they were created by the settlers from their homelands which is where they were most comfortable. Not all immigrants stayed in the United States. Some would come to work and make money and then would return to their home lands. This did not sit well with some people in the United States because they thought that…

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