Essay about The Journal Youth And Society

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The journal Youth & Society came out with its first publication in 1969 and from then on the issue is published bi-monthly six times a year. One can either get hard copy or electronic version of the articles in the journal. The perk of signing up for an online subscription is that you can view some of the articles in advance before the journal is published in hard copy. Subscription costs for individuals is $160 for one year which includes print and online access to current and previous year’s issue. However, you can gain full access the complete website with the volumes and articles through certain institutions that might have already subscribed to this for their library catalog.
Youth & Society is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that focuses on issues related to the 10-24 year olds population. It’s particularly interested in the transition periods that occur from childhood to adolescents and adolescents to adulthood with the main focus being the transitional period that occurs during the adolescence. This journal contributes to understanding certain issues especially when it comes to adolescents and how they deal with transitional times in their lives. This is an important focus because it allows the understanding the roles of certain political, social and deomgraphic factors that might affect the future outcomes of certain groups of adolescents. With this said, I chose three articles from this journal to gain in depth understanding of the contribution it makes…

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