The Journal Of The National Cancer Institute, Women 's Fitness Website

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Based off a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Women’s Fitness website claims that a decrease in the amount of red meat and dairy products consumed can reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer in an article titled “Animal Fat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer”. After the study and claim were both evaluated, this argument turns out to be inductively weak. The study conducted is a good study as it was a controlled study with one variable. However, the sample used to conduct the study does not seem to be very representative. According to Russel a good sample is one that is both large and representative [1]. “The researchers collected data on more than a half-million people -- 308,736 men and 216,737 women [2abc]”. Though the sample is large, it does not seem to be very representative of the population as there are almost 100000 more men than women which can skew the data. Interestingly, men who consumed the highest amounts of total fats had 53% higher relative rate of pancreatic cancer and women had a 23% higher rate of the disease in comparison to men and women who ate the least. The percentage for men seems to be much higher than the percentage for women. This could due to the non-representative sample skewing the data. In addition to this, this argument uses two heuristics: argument from correlation to cause and argument from correlation to prediction. In both of these types of heuristics, the premises must be arguments about a correlation in…

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