The Journal Of Negro Education Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Adkins-Coleman, T. A. (2010). "I 'm not afraid to come into your world": Case studies of teachers facilitating engagement in urban high school English classrooms. The Journal of Negro Education, 79(1), 41-53. This article seeks to provide teachers, particularly pre-service teachers’ insight into the classrooms of two urban high school English teachers in an effort to demonstrate the practices and beliefs which promote positive behavior and academic success among Black students. Data was collected through observations, interviews and examining the learning materials used in the classrooms. The findings indicated the significance of creating an engaging and motivating learning environment through relationship building, mutual respect, and maintaining high expectations for behavior and academic success. As both teachers selected their highest-level classes to participate in the study, the results may be somewhat skewed as one would expect students in an advanced level class to perform positively. The small sample size of two teachers from the same district in one semester prevents the study from being widely generalizable. Although, the study does contribute as it can be included in pre-service teachers’ education programs as a case study which highlights effective teaching methods in urban Black classrooms. This article informs the literature review of my topic as it provides practical information regarding the strategies successfully used by two…

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