The Journal Of Marketing And The Institute Essay

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The Journal of Marketing and the Institute for the Study of Business Markets have observed what drives the managerial use of marketing and financial metrics and if there is a connection between metric use and marketing-mix performance 's. The study was conducted to determine what drives management to use marketing, financial, or both types of metrics, and their affect, if any, on the marketing-mix performance. The operative analysis was conducted from a duration of literature which was obtained through various market scholars, who they themselves have made a valuable contributions to observations in understanding the use of marketing and financial metrics and their contributions to the marketing mix performance. The study took specific measurements of firm strategy, firm and environmental characteristics, marketing-mix activity, marketing and financial metrics from a three step procedure, and lastly eight operational measurements were also included in the marketing mix performance from 439 U.S Managers, who reported on 1287 marketing decisions. A questionnaire was administered were the first section asked managers to list which marketing mix activities they lastly conveyed and the performance level. The second section asked managers to provide adequate information on their firms strategies and managerial characteristics. To console that managers would respond, an incentive was offered for a customized benchmark report comparing their companies use of metrics with…

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