The Journal Of Homosexuality : A Wide Range Of Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

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Praxis Report
The Journal of Homosexuality is devoted to scholarly research on homosexuality, including sexual practices and gender roles in their cultural, historical, interpersonal, and modern social contexts. In addition to research on human sexuality, articles in the journal also explore the political, social, and moral implications of research on human sexuality. A few of the following goals the Journal of Homosexuality has it to serve as a scholarly source of materials for research and educational programs dealing with homosexuality, particularly lesbian and gay studies programs and to confront homophobia through the encouragement of scholarly inquiry and the disseminations of research of sound research.
Critical Annotations
Campbell, Anne. “Cultural Diversity: Practicing What We Preach in Higher Education.” Journal of Homosexuality, 5.3 (2000). 373-384. Web. This paper notes the importance of preparing teachers to teach students from a wide range of culturally diverse backgrounds. The author draws on her own experience with developing a culturally diverse teaching team and narrates how three members of this team dealt with cultural diversity within the teaching environment. The author concludes that in order to seriously address the issue of cultural diversity, educators need to employ teachers who are themselves from different cultural backgrounds. This paper provides a useful insight into the ways in which cultural diversity can be addressed…

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