The Joint Terminal Attack Controller Essay

1682 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
There is one military occupational skill that, unarguably, provides today’s ground force commanders in the United States Military an overwhelming tactical advantage on the battlefield, the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) is that individual that provides this specific skill. The Joint Terminal Attack Controller, also known as and referred to as the JTAC, provides the precise guidance of air to ground munitions release from multiple aircraft platforms to destroy, disrupt, delay, degrade, and or dislocate the enemy forces. For this very reason, the JTAC is a much-needed skill-set. Furthermore, Combat is complex and adding air assets into the fight in conjunction with and within close proximity of the friendly ground forces heightens the intricacy. United States Air Force Major Robert Armfield addressed, in his research, the fact that combat in its self is complex and applying efficacious airpower is even greater in complexity (2003). However, with the overall complexity of warfare to include land, air, and sea, who in the past conducted these difficult operations, prior to the Joint Terminal Attack Controller? What was the catalyst for the change and advancement in this occupational skill? What equipment and resources do the JTAC and his predecessors utilize? What kind of further amelioration can the United States Military expect to see in the near and ascertainable future? The JTAC military occupational title came to be during the beginning of the Afghanistan…

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