The Joint Commission ( 2015 ) Essay

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As a Staff Nurse working in solid organ transplant Unit, the occurrence of central line-associated bloodstream infections seems to be rising. As non-compliance with maintenance bundles is seen to be neglected area in practice. I wish to reflect on the influence of maintenance bundles in addition of consistent and emphasizing a good hand hygiene. The joint commission (2015) emphasized the crucial of hands decontaminated immediately before and after each episodes of patient contact using the correct hand hygiene technique. According to a study that has been done by Hakko et al. (2014) with the high level of compliance it could lead to finally achieve a zero infection rate which was sustained for 38 months by auditing and maintaining compliance rates with the care bundle. Another review that has done by Gonzales et al. (2013) suggested compliance monitoring was implemented had an ample decrease in their central line associated bloodstream infections rates compared to other unit that did not monitor compliance to measures. Both study strongly suggests that compliance with care bundle crucial in diminishing rate of Central line associated bloodstream infections.
The patient safety challenge that remains is to reduce the number of preventable central line associated bloodstream infections that occur as a result of non-compliance with maintenance bundles.
I as part of The Unit Champion in my unit for Central line associated bloodstream infections prevention we had an ample time…

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