Essay about The Job Of A Parent

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Furthermore the job of a parent comes with fantastic benefits but lately becoming a parent in the twenty first century is seen as a “hard task.” Which should never be the case because like Mother Teresa once said, “A child is a gift from God.” A parent is a child 's primary educator from whom a kid learns how to speak, and take their first steps and so much more. The American society is making it seem like the job of becoming a parent is harder than ever. Underestimating the importance of becoming a parent is not only in America, parents in other countries like the UK are also belittling the idea of becoming a parent.
Education starts at home including conduct, motivation, and character. Teachers can help those factors grow brighter, but they have to start a home. Parents need to motivate their children in school, so they can pursue college after high school. College can be four years full of enriching, eye-opening experiences. College is an asset to making it in America, and that is exactly what parents need to implement in their children. Parents have the effortless task of teaching their children, and it should be a task that they look forward to do with their children. A parent as their child’s primary educator should be involved in their child’s education.
Parental involvement; educators including teachers, staff and principals recognize on the basis of social science research and common experience that parents effective involvement is a critical element in children’s…

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