The Job Of A Lifetime Essay

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Job of a Lifetime Is there a job you would love to have for the rest of your life and not have to worry about it running out of use? There are over a million jobs in this world for you chose, but only one is perfect for you. There are certain colleges that only have classes for certain jobs. I want to be able to go to NFL to continue to play football, but if I don’t I will want to stay close with sports and to work with athletes. Since I want to stay close to sports, I have decided to research a Sports Medicine Physician. For this there are many responsibilities to learn to be able to take care of young athletes when they are injured (Sports). I want to be able to tell athletes how to take care of their injuries and stay safe (Sports). I believe that having a job that will last will help you in the long run and keep the money coming. When you start the occupation you choose you will gain many responsibilities and skills that you need to make sure you do during the day. There are many responsibilities that a SMP has to achieve in their life of work. In this occupation I will have to “refer athletes for specialized consultation, physical therapy, or diagnostic testing”(Sports). Which will be great because, ive been injured myself and know how bad it is. You will be taught how to achieve these goals and responsibilities when you go threw the class for this occupation in the college you choose. The idea I like the most about this job is that I can continue to be around sports…

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