The Job Hazards Of Hiv Security Essay examples

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There have been a lot of mishaps surrounding high interest vessel (HIV) security boardings. A research team consisting of 5 people has been assembled for research into on the job hazards of HIV security boardings. This paper will give a brief outline on how data will be collected for this study. This paper will address the main purpose of this research, information about the research, interview structure, questions being asked, advantages of qualitative data-gathering, and the importance of consent and confidentiality during the research. The information being used from this research will help identify on the job hazards while conducting HIV boardings, and help determine new safety protocols to be put in place to protect officers conducting HIV boardings. The main purpose of this research is to determine the job hazards when conducting HIV security boardings and learn how to keep our officers safer while conducting HIV security boardings. All vessels classified as an HIV are not permitted within 12NM off port due to a Captain of the Port order. Before HIV is allowed into port, a team of six officers must complete an at sea security boarding. The purpose of the security boarding is to prevent acts of terrarium and assure the ships security is sound. Once the security boarding is complete the boarding team will request the Captain of the Port rescinds the order. 25 officers around Sector North New England (SNNE) area of responsibility (AOR), who conduct HIV security…

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