The Jigsaw Teaching Technique Is A Successful Way Of Teaching

1008 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Students being actively engaged and having fun in the classroom, no matter whether it’s a traditional classroom or physical education classroom), are two of the most important aspects to think of when teaching. Using the jigsaw teaching technique assures that students do just that by creating an environment that is fun and engaging, and also in a way that is intellectually and, in some cases, physically. The jigsaw teaching technique has been used since the early 1970s by Elliot Aronson (Jigsaw), and is a form of teaching a class where the students are broken into groups in order to solve only a piece of the overall problem (Wikipedia). This complex technique is actually not as easy as it may seem, as it takes a lot of well thought out planning ahead of time in order for the instructor to implement a successful jigsaw lesson plan. The Jigsaw teaching technique is a successful way of teaching because of its unique learning style, interdependence of the students on one another, and the fact that student cooperation can lead to a positive experience, which means that they are having fun. The jigsaw technique is unique in the sense that the students are all working together to basically teach each other (Jigsaw). When the students are broken into these separate groups (say 4 groups of 5 students), they are set out by the instructor to achieve a specific goal, problem, or piece of information (Jigsaw). However, that one group only has found a small piece of information…

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