The Jews During Warsaw Ghetto Essay

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1) Journal of the Jews
2) Model of the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ effect of the uprising in Warsaw Ghetto
3) Food the Jews ate during (1942-1943)
4) Armband of a jewish person/ID card 1) The journals the Jews wrote into and the food given to them by the Nazis would soon be an example in the future as to what horrible things the Nazi did to the Jews, being a lesson as to what humans should not do in generations to come.
2) Before races and ethnic groups despised one another and certain groups were valued more than others, even by the government, but in the present day discrimination has decreased a lot and many people don’t hold grudges or discernment anymore
3) The food the Jews ate would serve an important role in the genocide because many Jews died while staying at the ghetto because of famine and the horrible living conditions of the ghetto
4) The identification process is one of the first steps leading to Genocide. The Nazis identified the jewish by marking them with a Star of David. One of the Exhibits we have chosen is the armband displaying the Star of David. This was one of the ways the jews that lived within the Ghetto were identified.
5) The exhibit shows us how these Jews were expected to work in labour camps however, were inadequately fed, which resulted in many Jews dying because of hunger. The walls of the ghetto were put up a all sides so that there wasn’t even a tiniest bit of space available. Imagine yourself locked up in a room with just a piece of bread…

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