Essay about The Jews And The Jewish People

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The Jewish people have been marked by violence and persecution unlike any other group of humans in mankind long and often troublesome history. Rather it be at onset of great empires like Rome or at the hands of sadistic rulers like Hitler, the Jews have been face with grave circumstances there entire existence. Yet for reasons some would consider divine intervention and others would simply associate as luck the Jewish race and culture has survived and often times thrived throughout history. Regardless of the plethora of obstacles the Jewish people have found themselves able to outlast any and all of their most formidable foes. This sense of longevity in large part is due to two unique characteristics the Jewish people possess. Jews have long since mastered an elite level of religious and social pragmatism which has allowed them to avoid countless situations which could have resulted in complete disaster, and in the face of disaster the Jewish people have exhibited a stern level of resolve and faith in their religion which has managed to outlast all competitors.
Over the centuries it has become abundantly clear to the majority of the population that it can be agreed upon that the Jewish people have been subject to absurd amount of persecution, discrimination, and hate due to their religious beliefs. One characteristic that has saved them on numerous occasions over the millennials is their ability to be generally pragmatic when it came to making social or political…

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