The Jews And The Jewish People Essay

1341 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Over and over the Jews home town in Jerusalem was being destroyed. The Jews were paying the price and weren’t at wrong with doing anything to deserve this. The Romans were destroying their town now. Tearing apart there temple just demolishing the town that the Jewish people have as there holy place and where they make a living. Romans guarded the whole town and there was no way that you could leave Jerusalem. So you just had to make the most of it and survive and take the punishment. The Jewish people were getting tired of this and thought they could win now and push the Romans out. Now there was a young boy born into this terrible problem and town. He is still young and has no clue, but he will learn fast of what is going. There was a young boy named Burch Schor who was growing up when all of this was going on. Watching his parents experience all of these problems and going through this trouble. He didn’t like it and wanted to find a way to change it. He knew he couldn’t do big things he thought because of how young he was. He still tried to concentrate on the little things and help his parents make it by and be happy with each other and what they have. So he would help around the house when his parents would be working and he wasn’t being taught by the priest about religion. This was the only type of education he was getting at the time there was no school for him or anything. So he was being taught by the priest and he had a liking for the priest and…

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