The Jewish People Essay

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During the dates of world war 2 and even the days leading up to it, information about the mistreatment of the Jewish people was not unknown however it was not taken seriously either , because nobody knew possible death awaited those who were turned away it was widely believed they would just go back to where they lived and try as best they could . Even the media have purposely put less importance on the affairs of what was occurring to the Jewish people in Europe. Reason being that many american’s still remember the repercussions from the last time they entered european affairs. It lead to a war with devastating losses and then economic turmoil which affected economies globally. With that , it is easy to see why many wished to not shine a light on what was happening. The world has changed so much since the days of such a blind society with altered filters. The information that is released can be available so much more easily that we could never not know what is happening if we decide to look. Yet it feels distorted,emotionless,and so restricted. Now there is too much coverage on it people trying to get the most details the best details and how they could take out the context so it would lead to more views as they find answers. It quickly makes you realize how easy it is for your name to go down in history famous or infamous. The U.S response to Jewish refugees was out of caution, they did not wish to relive the difficult life they had worked so hard to get out of. Jobs…

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