`` The Jewish Enemy `` By Jeffrey Herf Essay

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1) Who produced it and when?
- This is a 2006 book produced by professor Jeffery Herf of the University of Maryland.
- It was republished by the Harvard University Press in 2008.

2) What were the writer’s motives? To create hatred or distrust of a particular group of people or enemy? To foster patriotism? To justify the need for war?
- Jeffrey Herf is basically trying to recreate the scenes in the form of posters (propaganda) to how the German citizens saw and heard from their homes to why Germany is fighting this war. In other words, “The Jewish Enemy” (Herf,2008) is the first detailed study of how anti-Semitism infiltrated and shaped the Nazi propaganda during the whole course of WW11 and the holocaust, and also suggested how delusionary Nazi worldview is.
- As a result of Hitler’s decision to initiate war against the Jews, this may have created distrust between the Germans and the world, Germans vs. Germans looking long-termly. So essentially because of an era where anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories were influencing the world politics, Herf offers us the appropriate remainders of the dangers that come along with it and indicating that we do not need to start another “Third Reich”- operating in a dictatorship. (Herf, 2008)

3) How is propaganda a helpful or effective tool of war?
- A propaganda can be facts, ideas or even allegations that are purposefully spread to cause harm or damage the opposition.
- Propaganda can be a helpful…

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