Story Analysis: The Jewelry

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The story “The Jewelry” is written in third person omniscient through the eyes of a husband. The main character was Mr. Lantin who finds a soul mate he can call his wife. The women in the story was flawless she had the figure of a coke bottle, nice personality, and had herself together every man would love to find a women such as her. Little did Mr. Lantin know the women he was falling in love with had flaws he never would have imagined to be true. Mr. Lantin judged his wife only by her faces, and didn’t take time to find out her true colors as a person. He pays for it in the long-run in his feelings from being hurt by the one he loved. His wife was a lady anybody in their right mind would want to marry, but she became fascinated with looking …show more content…
M. Lantin grieved for his wife long after she had passed. He became gray haired in a month because he thought of her so much. He couldn’t even be a normal person at work without crying about his wife. He left everything the way it was after his wife had died from pneumonia. He soon became poor, and turned to his wife’s “fake jewelry” to sell. He took his wife’s jewelry to a jewelry pawn shop to see what he can get for the jewelry he thought to be faked. He soon realizes that the jewelry was real because people wanted so much money for them. The fact that it was real he assumed that she was having an affair. So therefore his grief for his loss wife heals quickly from selling her jewelry, which makes him a rich …show more content…
Lantin remarried a lady who he examined to be thought to be divergent from his dead wife. He misjudged again thinking his next wife would be the one to keep. The next wife was very moody and unsettled for him which made him depressed. Mr. Lantin starts lying to himself so that he can believe that a wife just wasn’t for him. The lies that were told in the Lantin marriage were shown daily, but Mr. Lantin was blinded by his wife’s looks that he didn’t see the true her. This story truly shows that things are not always what they seem, and you can’t judge a book by its cover. Always find out the true colors of a person before making them your significant

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