The Jewel Of Medina By Sherry Jones Essay

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Intro and Thesis: The novel The Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones, is an intriguing and engulfing story of A’isha, the wife of Muhammad. I found myself enjoying the reading and excited about what event was going to happen next. Although it is not all based in fact, it helps individuals grasp the concepts of early Islamic life. The novel shows many examples of strong women despite their lesser status that is expected at the time, especially when portraying A’isha. I think A’isha’s character helped the growth of Islam and the position of women because of her strength, courage, and faithfulness to God.
Synthesis of Reading: The novel walks the reader through A’isha’s life from the age of six when she was young and carefree. She would often play with a boy around her age named Safwan and they would often spy and play tricks with other individuals in the village, such as is seen when they spy on Hamal and his new bride, who were neighbors to A’isha. A’isha’s freedom soon ended however when she was put into purdah by her family to protect her until she was married. A’isha’s view on her purdah is seen in the quote, “The pounding in my heart, like the hooves of a panicked horses. Sent me running to her, dizzy with the need to stop this imprisonment before it started. In purdah I wouldn’t be allowed to step outside my parents’ house until my wedding day. I’d be stuck in this cold, dreary tomb until the day my blood flow started” (Jones 18-19). It is shown throughout the novel of…

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