The Jazz Industry And Had A Big Influence On Music Essay

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Louis Armstrong is known for being the man who had a gravelly singing voice and played the trumpet well. His familiar voice and many hits are known worldwide to anyone, whether you be a jazz fan or not. Louis Armstrong was one of the most popular jazz icons of the 20th century, and he shaped music during that era. Some of his music is even well-known today. This paper will explain how Armstrong modernized the Jazz industry and had a big influence on music. Music would be completely different without him, and no songs today would exist in the style you know. Louis Armstrong modernized the jazz and music industry through his style of performing and singing.

During his middle life, Armstrong was able to influence and change jazz in many ways. One of the biggest steps he made to change Jazz during the height of his career was penetrating a white-dominated entertainment industry. He started to perform more “pop-sounding” songs with larger bands, which wasn’t common at the time. This new sound would soon be turned into swing, which was a huge subgenre of jazz. Swing was so big that part of the 20th century is referred to as “the swing-era”, which is something Armstrong helped to create. Armstrong recorded “West End Blues”, which was one of the most influential records in Jazz history. It had a big impact in which other artists would record their songs wrote Terry Teachout (108, 114-116). Jazz was changed forever because of this new modern swing jazz. Armstrong was in a band…

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