The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor Essays

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Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt officially declaring a state of war was present; Public and government officials had a growing fear of additional attacks by the Japanese, leading the government to The Executive Order 9066, this military order, insisted on removal of all Japanese-Americans from their homes and businesses on the belief that if a second attack occurred, the Japanese-Americans would welcome the attackers and fight alongside them; With this fear in the nation, the government targets against the Japanese and the pressure from the public across the country all demonstrates that race was a key factor in the government’s internment of the Japanese American citizens during World War II.
The United States had an illusion that sabotage would occur, causing fear throughout the nation. Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942 (Exec. Order No. 9066, 1942), which Congress passed. The Executive Order allowed the United States Military authority to designate “military zones” forcing the removal of 120,000 Japanese-Americans out of their homes and businesses. There was tremendous pressure from citizens and the press around the country to remove the Japanese (“FDR and Japanese American Internment,” 1941-1942, p. 7).
Asian immigrants felt the acts of discrimination as early as the 1800s when the immigration from China ended fiercely and led to the Chinese Exclusion Act. In 1885, the massacre of 28 Chinese…

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