Essay about The Japanese And Japanese Aggression

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The Japanese advancement throughout Asia-Pacific greatly concerned the Allies. While the war had begun in 1939, things began getting troublesome for Australians, when the Japanese advancement became apparent. With the fall of Singapore, the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the battle at Kokoda, the Allied forces had to work together to overcome the Japanese.
While Australia had previously been in the war, Japanese aggression provoked panic throughout the country. Australian troops had previously been in Europe and North Africa trying to keep the Germans and Italians at bay. Therefore because the Japanese had sided with the Germans the Japanese threat was real and not a new idea. Many of the Australian public thought that Australia would be invaded by the Japanese and the government was even prepared to give up the north of Australia if the Japanese ever attacked. When Prime Minister, Robert Menzies declared war against Germany, many Australian troops were deployed to help in the Battle of Britain and the Phoney war. But it was the later Prime Minister, John Curtin, who recalled the troops to come fight against the Japanese. The Japanese aggression made the threat of Australia being invaded a lot more realistic. The close proximity of Japan worried the Australian public more than the war over in Europe. However Australian troops and the Australian government had been well aware and fully involved in the war for a long time and had been expecting this advancement and attack. By…

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