Ivory Tower Documentary

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The Ivory Tower documentary highlighted some issues that occurring in the United States. First of which is the issue that students are unable to become educated without signing away what seems like half of their life due to debt. Student debt in the United States has reached such a high number that students no longer see the point in attending college because it forms this idea that they will make more by avoiding the loans. The loss in drive for education brings along another issue – a divide between the older and younger generations. My grandmother and mother always told me that I have to go to college. There was no other option as far as they were concerned. To older generations, college means that someone is successful in life and many …show more content…
Budget cuts to high schools, tuition rises, and the few colleges that were free are forced to add tuition. The Ivory Tower made a very important statement: colleges have started this battle to make the biggest and best campus they can. That should not be the focus of any college, a student should not need an Olympic pool or fancy buildings. In my opinion, a good college provides top notch professors that are the leaders in their subjects and tuition should be high enough for the college to maintain a profit, but without putting the students in an insane level of debt. Even though I am a freshman, I have already felt crushed by the weight of how much debt I will have to pay back concerning I am in for nine years of college. My father talks about how when he was a child he could take a quarter to get ice cream at the local shop. Yet, in this age something as simple as frozen milk costs $1.00. On the other end of the spectrum, something as priceless as an education is becoming something that cannot be afforded. Something that separates humans from animals, education, is quickly becoming something for the

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