The Italian Renaissance Essay

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Fourteenth century Italy was divided into many individual city-states. However, instead of being ruled by one sovereign, each city was governed by the dominant families located nearby. Many of these families held strong economic or political roles in their society. From the late fourteenth to the seventeenth century, the Medici family held an extremely influential role in the governance of Florence. Giovanni di’ Bicci, whom many consider to be the founder of the Medici dynasty, brought to life the Medici Bank, a strong economic power of this time. Ensuing Giovanni’s death, his son Cosimo inherited the family fortune. Cosimo was well-versed in the politics of diplomacy and business, therefore allowing him to expand the family bank and become the most influential man in Florence . Cosimo de’ Medici used his influential social standing to bring forth a wave of innovation and cultural rejuvenation to Florence, thus leading to the expansion of the Italian Renaissance. This is demonstrated through his economic and political impact, as well as his patronage of the arts
For nearly three centuries, the Medici family held strong political positions. However, this family did not come from noble blood. Beginning with the rule of Cosimo, the Medici family strived for greatness throughout their reign. Cosimo held a very influential status for most of his lifetime. After returning from exile, he was considered ‘royal in everything but name.’ Nonetheless, his reign and reputation was very…

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