The Isu Child Observation Lab Essay

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I observed at the ISU child observation lab in lab 2, the two and three year olds. I paid close attention to one boy and one girl.

1. Adult/Teacher Interaction
During my observation, most of time the teachers talked in infant-directed speech. One example was the teacher saying, “Let’s sit down and be quiet so we can listen to the story.” I decided that it was infant-directed speech because their voices were slower and higher pitched than normal and were also more emotionally charged. They are using this type of speech because is makes things easier to understand, it signals to children that they are being spoken to, and children actually prefer listening to it. Some things to look for when identifying infant-directed speech are exaggerated tones, repeated words, and simple grammar (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, Rook, 2011, pg. 116). Another interaction was the teacher demonstrating to the child how to put together these magnetic pieces. This would be an example of scaffolding because the teacher demonstrated the task and then stood back while the child tried it.

2. Physical Development
One example of physical development that I observed was a child helping to pick up things off the ground. The child was using his large muscles to bend down and reach for things, and also for walking to put the toy away. The small muscle skills used were his hands to hold the toy and also his brain to know where the toy belonged. This suggests that this child’s physical development was…

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