The Issues Surrounding Same Sex Marriages And Family Pressures Throughout The Year 2000 ' What 's Cooking?

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Throughout history film has had a powerful influence on messages portrayed by its directors and makers. Film effectively addresses the issues present within past and modern day society in order to change societies ways and make for a better future. Successful British – Indian Director Gurinder Chadha, created her romantic comedy in the year 2000 ‘What’s cooking? portrays a strong message about the importance of family, friendship, tradition, tolerance and acceptance. The film centres around 4 multi-cultural families in Los Angeles, America, the Mexican Avila family, Jewish Seelig family, Vietnamese Nguyen family and African – American Williams family during their thanksgiving celebrations. Each family faced their own set of challenges, issues and conflicts but all come together to celebrate the important thanksgiving holiday and mend their families. Throughout this essay the issues surrounding same sex marriages, interracial relationships, infidelity and family pressures throughout contemporary America will be addressed and explored.

Throughout contemporary society, cultures throughout America did not encourage interracial relationships between cultures. The Vietnamese Nguyen family were particularly against their children dating outside their culture, resulting in their son, Jimmy lying to his family and going home to his girlfriend Gina’s Mexican family for their thanksgiving celebrations. While explaining his choice to lie to his parents Jimmy said “My parents won’t…

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