The Issues Surrounding Homophobic Experience By Children Of Same Sex Parents

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This article evaluates the issues surrounding homophobic experience by children of same sex parents. It recognized the serious problems behind homophobic bullying of young homosexuals, but with children of same sex parents the issue is not straightforward as it involves debates about the alternative parenting lifestyle. Some studies agree, some disagree that these children are more likely to be bullied. To identify children experiences of bullying, the authors analyze data from previous research, interviews and documentaries in which gay parents report the incidents of homophobia. The data was analyzed using discursive psychology methods with the focus of not only finding out whether the children experience bullying, but how this issue is discussed.

This journal has very useful information surrounding the experiences of homosexual couples and their children. Families have different life experiences with some reporting bullying while others don 't. An important aspect of this article, is how parents sometimes fail to report or minimize the incidents due to unawareness of the psychological impact of bullying, but also the debates surrounding their parenting capabilities. The limitation of this article is that the data collected was interview reports towards the parents and not directly to the children. It also limited to a few numbers of collected data, which means the information can 't be used to generalize, thus the authors indicated that much can be gained through…

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