The Issues Of Older People Face Essay

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People face different kind of problems and issues at each different stage of life. As time passes, we enter a new age group and new problems arise, but along with the passage of time the solutions to the older ones come too. The changes in the world in the past years have led to new technology, improvements in healthcare and many more things. These changes helped us and made things easier for us but they also brought new problems for us, such us new diseases, expensive healthcare, new side effects and many different issues. This paper will talk about the issues that older people face as they enter that certain age group. When a person enters a new age group, other people start to see them as the stereotypes of that certain age which leads to them being treated differently and unequally. Older people living with their family in nursing homes or even by themselves often start to feel like people are treating them differently. Older people feel they are treated differently and unequally when it comes to work, income which links to healthcare and many other everyday matters such as getting pension, renting a house, applying for a job or even just talking.
Regardless of having anti-discrimination laws (Novak, Campbell, & Northcott, 2014, p. 10) the workplace is still one of the most common places where older people experience inequality due to their age. It is unfair for an older person to be not able to work anymore, get a promotion or a new job just because of their age. A…

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